Hurry uuuuuup, already. Totally unChristmas-like.

This evening, I had a bit of work left to do for school and wanted to get in the mood and cut off home distractions after a crazy Sunday and headed over to a local Starbucks for the atmosphere and for a caffeine fix. I expected it to be super busy, as Starbucks usually are near Christmas time, and was elated to find that when I got there, there was only one customer in line. I headed to the counter, feeling like I just scored, ready to get my drink.

Wouldn’t you know it, the lady in front of me was taking FOREEEEEEVER, asking tons of questions about short, tall, with whip, flavors, sauces, milk fats, and THEN about the music selections, the artists, what the barista would recommend and I found myself getting irritated. Like, just order your drink and move already….my work was waaaaaaiting….

Then I took a breath. And thought: what if it’s her first time at Starbucks? What if this is truly a special indulgence for her? What if she’s asking all these questions because she wants to spoil herself after a long time of not treating herself to anything special and it’s her first time at Starbucks during the season where they have all these special items that may only add to the confusion of choices if you’re not a regular, or because she’s challenging herself to try some new music for a change, or because she has someone special for whom she wants to buy something really special and is being careful about the selection….

As I started thinking about these things, my irritation completely vanished, replaced by remorse and well-wishes towards her selection and towards the super-nice and cool barista, whose name turned out to by Caitlyn, who was helping her.

That was more appropriate for the Christmas season.

And then it was my turn and I ordered a Caramel Brulée Latte and grabbed my seat.