Obsessions of late

I missed a month or two of tracking latest interests. Here’s a rundown of current obsessions:

1. New perfume scents from Lush. I’m not into the patchouli/ylang ylang hippie vibe that I think represents a part of the image of Lush, but their recent perfume batch really draws me in. I especially like orange blossom.

lush perfume

2. Android, Android, Android. Need I say more? I’ve subscribed to podcasts and news feeds, just to get up to speed about the nifty platform and OS. Though a part of me feels that we certain DON’T need more choice when it comes to mobile devices, another part laments that it takes forever for new phones to get to Canada.

samsung android

3. Camera and photo-editing apps for phones. For this, I think Hipstamatic for iPhone RULES, but I’m now using Vignette for Android and it’s very very good. It’s made a lot of my photos look just awesome.

hipstamatic, camera app, photo

4. To-do-list apps and software. I love the idea of GTD, and was really keeping up with earlier this year, but if you drop the ball for a bit, I find the inbox gets too full, the next action items get delayed, projects and contexts get mixed up….. I find David Allen inspirational but the method isn’t for me. When I got the Android, I found Astrid, which is a very simple to-do app that doesn’t have so many steps, but that i) has customizable tags (work, class, clean) and ii) lots of notification options. The notifications is what helps me get on the things I need to do. Also, bonus, Astrid syncs with Google Tasks. Love it.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been reading the buzz on another gorgeous iOS app, Wunderlist, see below. Sigh. I don’t know if it would fit into my workflow, but the UI is beautiful. This and Egretlist are 2 I would like to check out but alas, no iPhone, no iPad (and I’m consciously glad of that fact for the time being) so I can marvel from afar.


5. Christmas. Tis the season but I was so caught up with a course and applications and work that I couldn’t get in the mood. After a few Starbucks Christmas drinks, watching “The Little Drummer Boy” with le Petit, and wrapping small packages for our cousins and family out East, the spirit has arrived. We await…..