Off the top of my head: flashes of 2010

Prompt: December 15 – 5 Minutes: Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Sleeeeeep, a wretched lack of sleep. Trying to squeeze more minutes of the day every night into all the activities I couldn’t do during the day. As a consequence, my health, skin, matabolism and general well-being took a beating. No way this is going to continue in the new year.

Le Petit. Sooooooo adorable, a PERSON, a REAL whole person who is emerging. Talking now, making little jokes (“What do you want to eat for breakfast?” “Nursery rhymes.” giggle giggle). He makes my heart sing.

Spending loooots of time on blogging, microblogging, tweeting, really getting to know the system and the tools of the world of small blogs. It was my year of discovery and practice. If I was a novice at the start of 2010, I would say I’m at intermediate level now.

Great music. Right now, can’t remember any names but I loved the soundtrack of my life this past year. Oh – Justin Town Earles just came to mind, and there was a lot less jazz than in other years.

Wanting things more simple. That’s a big one from 2010. Didn’t achieve it during the year, but  got inspired and will have something high to put on my bucket list for 2011 actions.

Noticing design more. Was it the NYC trip that did it? No, it was there even before we went, but hanging out at the MOMA (can any place on earth be as full of the stuff that comes ouf of interesting minds? I mean, other than the library?) But now I notice design EVERYWHERE: book covers, in gadgets, the way people pull their outfits together, local jewellers making chunky wearable art, and don’t get me started on the awesome scandinavian furniture & textile blogs and arrangements – what is is with the designers from this part of the world? They ROCK.

OK, that was 5 minutes.