A good decision

To think I was originally intending to go to work for the morning of the 24th, when my office would still be officially open. At the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to take the whole day off. And what a day it was.

As usual, the morning consisted of this:ย son and morning happiness

but we had longer because there was no morning rush to get ready for work. To capture the feeling of the season for posterity, I fooled around and snapped pics of le Petit’s recent “friends” (more of those shots are here):

Christmas, pottery, decoration, festive

Ding dong, our mailman soon came home, his shift having finished at 9AM which meant we had the whole day together:my husband the postman

And the rest of the day was filled with things like leftovers,Christmas dinner

carollers,ย christmas songs watching Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the very same one we used to watch when I was young, starring Burl Ives, with le Petit.

In our own way, we balk at being “mainstream” – I don’t want to be the young urban couple who moves to the suburbs, buys a house with a fence, has kids, gets a van, does birthdays and bakes cakes for kids’ parties, joins soccer for the kids…. but to some extent, this day was about some mainstreaming in a way: traditional holiday celebrations and Christmas-y things all day long with family and friends, enjoying the meaning and spirit of “Silent Night” as was sung to us by surprise carollers. And it was really really good.

It was a great decision to not go to work on the 24th.