Evernote, I’ve lost that loving feeling

The title is an exaggeration: just as I will always be interested in the original Star Wars film, even after the next installment, The Empire Strikes Back, became my favorite, I will always love Evernote and will harken back to it fondly when I think about my introduction to info collection applications. And I mean, you can’t have Empire Strikes Back without the first Star Wars, right?

It’s just that I’ve become infatuated with a new (well, newer) kid on the block: Springpad.

I stumbled across Springpad recently when I went looking for viable alternatives to Delicious when I thought Yahoo was setting it adrift (Yahoo has since announced they were looking to sell Delicious, not nix it, so my momentary dismay was for naught).

I didn’t end up migrating my Delicious bookmarks there, but I did explore a bit and signed up to put Springpad to use in some other ways. A great number of other ways.

Though I signed up for it on my browser, I didn’t start using it until I installed the Android app, added the widget and voila: TOTAL usecase love.

widget, app, android

The Evernote widget has been replaced on my homescreen. Why’s that?  I can still take pictures and add notes via the widget, but for me, the primary advantage of the Springpad widget is that I can scan barcodes of objects and snap, they are imported into Springpad, taggable and with the ability to add notes and assign it to a notebook.  Then, get this: the imported items automatically link within Springpad to Amazon or Netflix or some other shopping site to give you further info or price comparisons on the select item. PLUS, you can set an alert to watch an item if, say, it drops in price somewhere online.  Love it. (Too bad that as a Canadian, I can’t take advantage of the shopping deals [well, I have workarounds — :-)].)

Springpad also has a web clipper extension for Chrome, or a bookmarklet for Safari  which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. It lets you tag and categorize the item as you clip it. Handy. See how similar it is to Evernote?

Another bonus with the Springpad application, just look at its eye-candy dashboard:

springpad, app, notetaking

This is the home screen of the application. You can click on any notebook, or “All My Stuff” which provides an overview of everything, sortable by date or name.

And what does the notebook look like?

notebook, springpad

To me, this is much more visually appealing than Evernote’s notebook layout. And both notebook and home screens have customizable backgrounds, with layout options as well.

I’ve been using Springpad for about 3 weeks now and it seems like I am still learning all the capabilities of this little application. For example, yesterday, I just read that I can add tasks via the web or mobile app and set up alerts on the tasks that sync with Google Calendar.  I set up a notebook, “ToDo” to catch all my tasks and will see how well it works over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve yet to even try Springpad’s location function. If I tap it on my phone, it will bring up places around that I can try/note/rate and it links directly to Yelp. I’m a bit overwhelmed with location-based social media apps right now so not really keen on trying a new one, but in time I will get around to playing around with Springpad’s version.

Anyway, for now, I am using Springpad for a lot of the things I used to do with Evernote.  I’m still using Evernote mainly for work, but Springpad is my new go-to pal for the rest of my life.