“Software To Make Photos Artfully Worse” in the NY Times

If your photos don’t look as crummy as you’d like, there is new software that will wreck them for you.

That’s not a bad thing if you are a devotee of the “lo-fi” photography movement, which considers the effects achieved by toy cameraspinhole cameras and other crude photo devices to be artful. There are even contests dedicated to lo-fi work.

via gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com

I do like to make my pictures look “crummy” and enjoy it a lot, in fact. It’s my latest obsession and I have added 100s of photos to my collection (of which I’ve posted a small fraction here) since getting a smart phone late last fall. Smartphone apps that mimic the pinhole, lomo, lo-fi, holga, and a host of other such effects are so easy to use and so versatile that a lot of users out there will probably find it hard to be satisfied with “just regular” pictures after using the apps on good mobile phones. But you’ve gotta have a good smartphone or your photos will turn out crummy, good app or not.

The alternative is using desktop apps, as mentioned in the article, but having used Piknk and Picasa and some other applications for photo manipulation, I have to say it is way easier to just select a setting a point and shoot then have to manipulate the images afterwards.

The invention of smartphone camera apps has totally revolutionized the way visual information is recorded and stored. Just hang out on instagram or picplz or search for “mobile” “android” “iphone” of “hipstamatic” tags in Flickr. My eyes were majorly opened and I’ve never shut them since.