Small towns for you

It’s movie date night with my husband tonight (like, the 3rd in 2 years) after putting le Petit to bed. Obviously it’s something we look forward to.

The local theatre has one person at the cash, just one, on a busy Sat night. We wait in line 20 minutes and as SOON as we get to the till, she tells us that the movie we wanted JUST sold out. Β We consider plan B: any quiet dessert places nearby that we (ok, I) would feel comfortable going to in flip flops and sweats? Not that we know of, except for ice cream slab place, no thanks. Decide instead to go out for coffee: sigh, all Starbucks in town close at 10pm (or earlier) and Starbucks in Safeway isn’t really an option so no can do and we’ve done Tim Horton’s (like, twice today already). We give up and decide to be productive and run errands at Walmart. Nope, closed, too. OK, fine, let’s go home. Oh, gas is 102 at local gas station, let’s fill up on the way. Oh nope, it’s closed too.

Now I’m home and browsing on Facebook and catching up on fanfiction online.

How I miss urban life sometimes.