Long time no post and blogging platforms

Well, I mean “no post” in that I haven’t posted something seriously, with intent and deliberateness, in a good while.

It’s just that juggling 2 photo blogs, one media studies site, one grad studies journal site, one random tumblog and one random posterous site takes a lot of work. A bit MUCH? Yah, I’d say so.

I’ve decided that come September I will cull, cut and merge these sites. It’s just NUTS and I’ve left off writing HERE on WordPress, to maintain the other ones. Mind you, the other ones are easier, in a way, because it’s one click to post a photo or link or quote and add commentary or write a response on Tumblr and Posterous. I find their ways of managing posting eaiser than the WordPress version of the “press” bookmarklet.

However, I do think WordPress is the more….. “serious” platform, among the three. That is, great writing and content is peppered throughout WordPress blogs, which have been around longer, and I’ve found that sharing something on Tumblr or Posterous takes a lot less creative output except in the curation part, and that doesn’t take THAT much creativity. (That’s not to say there aren’t great tumblogs and posterous sites out there – there are, for example The Political Notebook, an awesome news commentary blog, a new favorite of mine ).

If my goal is to keeping writing and to share WORDS, then is WordPress better for me? It’s a moot point, I think, for anyone: platform doesn’t matter as much as the ACT of writing.

But for me, the clutter and busy-ness of maintaining different sites is distracting me from the simple act and intention to just write more, rather than spending time re-posting and re-blogging.  It’s become an excuse NOT to keep writing. Thus, I want to narrow it down and CHOOSE (another act that is sometimes hard to follow up on).

And I don’t want to become one of the thousands (100s of thousands?) of people who have started a blog that fizzled out because they were not able to make time for it or to because it became one of those projects that fell on the wayside.

I’ve had people encourage me to keep up writing, because I actually do have a voice that can be clear and can share interesting things. I think the appropriate response to that is that then, 1) I need to keep up the practice and 2) I need to read and see and notice better, carefully, so that my voice will have worthwhile things to say.