“Get Focused – Read Books”

…I don’t think only paper book can bring salvation. In my opinion it’s any book, in any form. You can reach for a paperback or an enhanced ebook or an audiobook. Some better than the others, but they will all reduce this annoying feeling of distraction. You’re not in the endless abyss of the Internet any more, you’re in a fully formed world, following its story at the speed you choose.

You can say “yeah, but sometimes I’m distracted so deeply, that I can’t imagine myself reading a book.”

You’re right, I experience it every day. Among so many skills we learn to keep up with changes, we have to add one more – how to turn into a reading mood after a busy day full of multiple streams of information, smartphone rings, push notification beeps and nervous location check-ins.

It’s doable…

via Password Incorrect

I came across this post today and it totally reinforces what’s been going on my own life lately: not only getting back into writing but more importantly, READING. Ah, one of my earliest loves. It’s not that I’m NOT reading lately, but that I’ve read MUCH less of whole books, as opposed to snippets, posts, articles, post – all good, but quite different from the experience of immersing myself in a book.

Three weeks ago I went on a vacation to interior BC, hung out at some Rocky Mountain hot springs, and just READ. It was amazing, so much so, that I am determined not to neglect the practice. I’m going to be intentional about spending a solid hour or 2 at least twice a week (probably before sleep) just getting into a book. This means choosing to get OFF the MacBook and to not catch up on feeds, fanfic and links, and instead getting that tea or wine or water and sitting down and cracking open the pages.

More recently, though, I should say that turning on my newly purchased Kobo ereader is more commonplace than actually opening the pages.  It’s been incredibly convenient since I was able to load up the books I already have and read them on a good size device rather than my phone or iPod Touch (which, while convenient, never provided an immersive experience).  Two weeks in, I am loving it and have finished 3 books, and working through another two.  It’s great to get back into an old-but-not-forgotten love.