The digital experience and public spaces

I’ve been thinking about public spaces, identity and mobile technology a lot lately, especially with the exercise of narrowing down a paper topic in mind.

So it was neat to come across this post this morning about one little experiement in integrating a public space, Twitter, and photography. It’s not quite how I envisioned the interaction between the people with each other and within a public space they inhabit through or mediated by digital technologies, so maybe that’s why it quite captured by attention.

TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl is an interactive public bench which links the physical and digital worlds by tweeting photos of its users and the environment wherever it’s placed. Still confused? Watch the video below…



Other than the HUGE privacy issues arising from the TweetingSeat (what if you DON’T want your photograph to be tweeted to the world?!), it’s a neat little project.

Designer and TweetingSeat inventor Chris McNicoll gives the aim of this project “is for people and communitiesi to form their own rtelationship with the object though the way in which they choose to use it.” 

More information is available on the designer Chris McNicoll’s website and its project blog.