Pinterest and Panoption

What a terrific read from the website viz : visual rhetoric, visual culture, pegagogy.

It’s about how we represent ourselves on-line, and how Pinterest has made it so easy to appropriate other “objects” (via repins or retweets) to speak for who we are and to visually perform our self-identities to the Pinterest network and beyond.

I think that part of the incredible success of Pinterest is because of its uniquely visual format, which sets it apart from delicious or diigo or other link collecting services. (Part of why I love Evernote, and before that, Microsoft’s OneNote, so much is because those desktop services let me clip and save images into my digital notebooks and then display them so that I can search and identify them by looking at pictures rather than reading text). Pinterest has made that link between our desire to showcase our innards: our interests, our desires, our passions, and our draw or pull towards a visual way of consuming information.

The author of this post compares Pinterest boards to the public communal bulletin board in coffee shops or grocery stores and makes a bunch of other interesting observations throughout the piece.

Highly recommend it. Catch the full post here.