Ah, summer time

We’ve been enjoying the summer, with all its ups and downs this year.

Theo playing in the water

Some of the Ups

  • farmer’s markets and bountiful berries
  • Rdio expanding our musical exposure this year, and serving as a backdrop for many a meal
  • Prince Charles water park – what a terrific little local park
  • Project X Summer Theatre – Romeo & Juliet, and James and the Giant Peach for this year’s line-up
  • like every year, Music in the Park happening in 2 Kamloops park for all of July and August
  • great movies this summer: The Avengers, The Dark Night Returns, The Bourne Legacy

Some of the Downs

  • the weather wreaking havoc around the world caused our locals and lakes to swell to sometimes worrisome levels, in all areas of town and the region: people’s homes, public parks, local pathways
  • (I’m fearing the worst in mosquitoes in the aftermath of the wet early summer)
  • balance: work + toddler + grad school = little sleep + less (er….none) exercise = fatigue
  • missing reading as many books as arriving on the shelves at local bookstores