A visual online profile

A while back I wrote about web profile sites that showcase you and your skills/education/life and all your web ties, should you choose to share them. They are sort of upscale business card/resume sites or services that present your life as you choose to display it, from a variety of perspectives.

The ones I was familiar with were:

and more recently:

Just this week, I read about this new service called Vizify, a visual resume that supposedly blows the other static web services out of the water. The tagline in The Next Web post reads that it’s your “new online profile of choice.”

I don’t know if it’s my profile of choice, but it’s certainly design-savvy and visually stunning. I signed up with an invite and created a new profile easy peasy, but what distinguished this webpage from others I’ve tried is that this one is dynamic, fluid, with page links and statistics that I didn’t expect (drawn from my LinkedIn, Foursquare and Twitter accounts).

web online profileIt’s pretty attractive and those circles move, resize and open up when you click them. Users are given the option to delete circles (or pages) and modify page titles and the main color scheme.  I felt like the service gives users a tremendous sense of graphic/web design pride or satisfaction to those with none (or very little) of those talents.

The most surprising part? When it found something I had written on Twitter and quoted it in very large font back to me. I wrote that?

social value capitalVisually, this page and idea is super attractive and personally, I think it’s got terrific appeal.

Practically, would I use it? Would this be something I would send to prospective employers? Who else would get value out of this? It’s certainly new and attractive with a certain ‘wow’ factor. Time will tell if it’s something that will really replace the traditional web profile page.