The more list

Don’t we all wish for extra time in our days, maybe in our life in general, at some point? There must be a WHY behind that desire, a particular reason or reasons why we long for more time.

I sometimes think I would like more time because there is just so much MORE I want to do, accomplish, see, experience each day.

time ticking watchHere are some of things I’ve been thinking lately that I would like more of:

  • good books
  • appreciation for deliberate, planned, home-cooked meals
  • proper exercise and breathing techniques integrated into daily routines
  • fancy soap
  • minimalism in the stuff in our home
  • one-on-one dinners chez nous with new and old friends (we used to do this at least once every three weeks or so, but it’s really petered down to only once every 5 or 6 weeks)
  • intentional consumption of media, material goods and snack foods
  • music discovery and sharing with other music lovers
  • brain to focus and write my thesis
  • grad school-minded friends to hash out ideas with, ideally over wine or coffee
  • museums and exhibits to pore & gush over, or be uncomfortable about
  • good films
  • smooth skin
  • girlfriends, especially the ones I know are awesome but with whom I’ve lost touch

I wonder what kind of things other people want more of in their lives.