A box of kisses, a conversation with a three-year-old

Last September, Le petit just started pre-school, more like a daycare, with activities, learning and gym time. For Mother’s Day this year, the class made little paper boxes which the kids all “filled” with their kisses, to give all the moms, and some dads, and some grandmothers.


Tonight, Le petit must have suddenly remembered this box that he had made for me.

All tucked away for the night, his suddenly cried out from his bedroom:

“Mom, mom! I forgot to tell you something! Where is the box of love?”

Me: “You mean the box of kisses you made me?”

T: “Yes, it is in wrapping paper now.”

Me: “Oh, it is?…. But petit, you know what? I don’t need the box of love. Because I have a LOT of love with me ALL. THE. TIME.”

T: “From me?”

Me: “Yes. It is always here, in my heart.”

T: “But mom, if your heart gets empty and you don’t have love anymore, you can get the box and put the love back in and get more. Just put the box in your shirt and it will melt like ice.”


I hope I never forget his words, or this moment.