Even though the Thanksgiving holiday has passed a while back here in Canada, so many of the blogs I follow shared posts today on the theme of thankfulness and gratefulness that I was really really inspired to reflect and write down the things that I am grateful for today.

There were just so many. I also noticed that so many of them had to do with our little guy. I didn’t plan on being the mommyhood-fulfill-me-type of woman, but in some ways, so much of my contentment and joy in life these days is linked to le Petit. Mon Mari has shared that it’s the same for him, too. It’s amazing how the power of a bit of love from a little creature can fill us. just. so. so. much.

So, my list of grateful:

20 things I am really grateful for

1. Having a job
Despite union issues, no wage increase (well, really really minimal) in 4 years, pretty sad maternity coverage and lack of professional development opportunities, it’s pretty sweet that both mon Mari and I have jobs throughout potentially financially uncertain times.

2. My son

ImageJoy. Every. Single Day.

3. Great music. Currently, it’s the Sons of Anarchy: Vol 2 soundtrack.


Blues, rock-country, alt-country – really, check it out.

4. Great TV dramas
This surprised me. But recently, I’ve noticed that the storylines of good shows compel, move, enrage, uplift and stimulate me. I’m now a believer in series and have resorted to Netflix (having NOT been a cable subscriber for 11 years now) for my drama fixes.

5. This man


6. My parents-in-law

They are in good health, are in good spirits, and are full of joie de vivre. We visited them in September and it is one of my favorite vacation memories, ever.

7. These gals


8. Skype and Facetime
Seriously. All those sappy ads about keeping loved ones near? Totally true.

9. Rediscovering old friends
I’ve reconnected with 2 in particular over the past year and it’s sweet sweet sweet. I’m not good atmaking/keeping friends so they’re all the sweeter.

10. Car is still working well

11. Access to food closeby
Really, I love that I don’t have to go out and pick my food from the field or drive 20 minutes to get milk. It’s made such a difference to be able to pick up staples and specialities only 15 minutes away on foot or 3 minutes by car.

12. My iPhone
My hub of connecting and visual creativity.

13. Music subscription services
Yeah, it costs $10/month, but it’s music everywhere in the house, in any room, any genre and oldies and new releases,, and synced to our devices, we can take the music with us whenever we travel. Genius idea.

14. Korean friends in town
I’m not as particularly close to the 4 or 5 ladies in town I’m thinking of as I would like to be, but I admire each and every one of them for their bravery in moving to another country, figuring out finances, working out immigration, being moms, being wives, being single moms sometimes, being students, learning another language… the list of what they are doing goes on and on and I can’t say how much they deserve to be respected and admired.

15. Eyesight
Vision is so essential to my experience and enjoyment of life. I’m so appreciative of my unfettered ability to see and to see clearly. Not all people are so lucky.

16. Really nice work peers
Really, people have worked with devils and ogres. Not so in my work place. Thank you, thank you.

17. Great fellow grad students
Helps me keep going, spurring me onward, reminding me of the end goal.

There are so many more things, but these are what came to mind first today.