Daily Post writing challenge: Doompocalyptic Resolutions

In response to the Daily Post Writing challenge for December 31:

The 3 things I’d like to change about my life

Get on top of my life
For the past 8 months, since I’ve returned from grad school, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been at the mercy of life circumstances – always flailing to catch up to the flurries of work, home, le Petit, school, church and personal goals. I’m always running behind. This year, I want to set clearcut aims and then work out steps towards meeting them and most importantly, STICKING TO THE STEPS. Pretty basic stuff, but not what I’ve been practicing.

My hair
There are not many women in my social and family circles who can say that they’ve done NOTHING with their hair in 11 months. But that’s me: I’ve done nothing, nada, with my hair, except wash and condition – just let it grow grow grow, since last March. Constraints of time, money and convenience have prevented me from making a simple appointment to see a stylist. But seriously, let’s get it cut and coloured ONCE, soon, please.

Try homemaking
It’s hilarious that we live with my parents, because I can’t even begin to compare just how different my mom and I are when it comes to home-making, being a wife, and being a cook. I don’t even want to start thinking about my mother-in-law (cook and hostess extraordinaire). Mon mari doesn’t complain, but I WANT to be seriously contribute more to making our house a HOME for him, for our little one and for me. I follow blogs by creative, talented women who are geniuses at updating their walls or art or floors to make their homes feel a little warmer and more welcome. I have a number of friends who treat their families to dinners that are the most flavourful, taste explosions. I’m not measuring myself to how others are, but am challenging myself to take more of the burden of house care off of my husband and take on a greater role this year.

One extra:
This year, I want to nail that grad thesis down.

I just reread the list of 3 but realize that they don’t address a “doompocalyptic” scenario. If it’s the end-of-the-world in just three months, why would I care about my hair?

In light of the original parameters of the WordPress challenge, I-don’t-care-who-knows-it-because-there’s-a-meteor-a-comin’ situation, the revised things-to-change are:

Get in touch with those I’ve lost touch with
Go through my Facebook friends. Write short or long messages to all those I meant to say something to but never did. Look up university friends who I’ve thought about recently – those who said something that inspired or encouraged me, those who set a really great example to me in some way. Send a card to cousin so-and-so.

Quit my job
Seriously, if the world is ending, I would want to spend the remaining time with loved ones. A lot of my, of our, loved ones don’t live in our city. Money would be no object: we would spend what we have to travel to see them, or help make arrangements for them to come and see us.

There isn’t much else I would want to change.

And if the world was ending, the thesis would no longer have the priority it does now.