A great Saturday

You know those days that are just terrific? That start slowly, one gradually awakening to the smell of roasted coffee, the patter of feet and hushed laughter outside the door? Lazing about until one is good and ready to work, and then getting good work done?

Today was one of those days.


It felt like a day of accomplishment: house chores, progress on the thesis, discovering new play with le petit (rubbing for coins with broken crayons), and still having time to go to the local university library.

It was also a good day with my man: coffee together, giving each other the gift of free time, having a family dinner outing at Cornerstone, a local sushi/Korean restaurant, and catching up on Downton Abbey, a show that both mon mari and I are actually fond of.

downton abbey

It was a day where I’m not left feeling like things are left undone when I lie down to go to bed.