What community spirit can be like

We’re just not a sports family.

In my Korean and Mari’s Quebecois family backgrounds, we just don’t have a history of sports love. We’re not like that family in The Blind Side where both the husband and wife, and later, the tutor, had college and town affiliations and thus a generations-old and bone-deep loyalty to one particular football team.

Friends in Canada and in town are more likely to demonstrate such devotion to hockey: our friends have put their 2 sons, ages 3 and 6, into hockey now, and a colleague of mine has 4 grown sons in hockey, a choice that required her family to take a second mortgage on the house to support all their activities.

I just can’t see us going that far in any sports training or activities in which we would encourage le Petit.

But then, I love love love movies where individuals, families, dreams, schools and sometimes, entire towns are crushed and invariably – since we’re watching a film – able to be uplifted by a sports event or team: Friday Night Lights and Mystery, Alaska are two films that come to mind.

So, a couple of weeks ago, all three of us attended a Blazers home game.

It was really fun to be surrounding by FANS: people who have seasons’ tickets, who bring their own scorecards and keep track of stats, who wear Blazers’ swag – jerseys, hats, scarves, a giant foamy hand, coming out to cheer (and sometimes boo) the home team, people who are committed to these players and who know them.

It was my fourth Blazers game, the boys’ second one. We loved it all.


Waiting for the sports blimp that distributes prizes from the air