Meaningless stats and finding a new home for my study blog

So, I just noticed that I tweeted my 3000th tweet today:

It’s fitting that this is the tweet that spurred on the process of migrating my media studies blog, Parenthesis, from Posterous over to WordPress (at least, right now, that’s the plan).

Posterous was so nice when it was in its heyday, and I’ve spent many hours customizing, rearranging, doing some coding, to get it to where I want it (and it’s still not even meeting all the requirements). It was a beautiful service, with easy-to-learn options, and ideal for a brand new web-o-sphere explorer.

I thought last year when Twitter took over that it was the beginning of the end but didn’t prepare well for that ending to come. Well, it’s here now.

Today, I’ve begun backing up that blog and preparing to move it to its new home.