So many titles, so little time

I went to our local Chapters bookstore on the weekend. It’s been a while since we went there to just hangout, peruse the aisles, examine the regular shelves, pick up and read a couple of pages of gorgeous, new books. It only works when we are tag-teaming when we have a family outing that includes the little one.

Anyway, there were so many awesome books out there. I’m loving the Kobo e-reader (and the Kobo and Kindle apps on our tablets) but I really really love and rather miss the glossy covers and the tactile feel an smell of the fresh-pressed volumes in my hands.

So, here are some titles I stumbled upon and can’t wait I get to.

a swashbuckling yarn

a swashbuckling yarn


the classic


terrific literary fantasy


acclaimed teen fiction


another fantasy/mystery


a recommended read

So, when will I get to these titles?

After I work. And put Le petit to bed. And read the next 2 articles for my thesis. And edit the chapter of my research methods section. And …Ok, I’m dreaming just a little. It’s going to be a while before I get to these books but that’s ok – it gives me something to really really look forward to.