Shadows and light

Now that I’ve been thinking about photographic communities and thinking about themes, when I went back to look over some of the pictures for the month of April, I noticed that some of them were linked by a common thread: that is, shadows and light. I think when I was snapping away, in the back of my mind I was influenced by a group I saw on EyeEm, called Shadows and Light.

Here is my first recap in a long long time, then:


4 thoughts on “Shadows and light

  1. This is a wonderful collection of photos. Shadows and light are so transitory. There is a feeling of impermanence here, a sense of the transitory nature of an experience, of a moment quietly observing the passage of time in an everyday place.

      • You have an eye for the unlikely (and usually overlooked) photo opportunity. Sometimes, it’s the spaces between landmark places and moments that are worth capturing and contemplating. I’m now following you on Instagram.

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