Ah, the first day

Every year, every September, in every Canadian city I’ve ever lived in, there is a recurring event. The preparation: crowded Superstores and Walmarts, “back-to-school” events everywhere, salons and eye doctors busy with personal prep prior to the main event, and then the Day: streets jammed up with more traffic than usual, public transportation filled to the gills with hoards of students, and even sidewalks suddenly busy with thousands more bodies marching and scurrying on to new classes and the new semester.

As I work in a university, I love the buzz of the new school year upon us. As someone who looks after international student partnerships, it’s especially exciting to see new students come to our BC university from all corners of the globe.

But this year is especially moving as it is the first year for our little one to attend school. Kindergarten begins, and so also is it a new phase in le Petit’s and in our lives.

running to school

This is how he was on his first day: running towards it, eager and open.

Oh, how I wish that he retains this attitude towards learning and the major institution that is “school” for his whole life. Corresponding to that: I wish we will be wise enough to help foster the love of learning and provide him with guidance through the sometimes tricky, sometimes hurtful social aspect to school life.

I’m very pleased, and we are all so looking forward to the adventures to come!