Writing things down

moleskine goals resolutions

Some people say that making goals at the start of every year is a futile exercise, that everyone knows the burst of energy that compels us towards fresh intentions and plans will peter off in a month or two, only to leave us disheartened and glum at our own inabilities.

Bah to the naysayers, I say. And I’m apparently in good company, because many of the bloggers and writers whose words have inspired over the years seem to put great stock in the exercise of making new year goals. Putting things down on paper or to the screen, in a file, in a notebook, with deliberate intention and the discipline to conduct regular review of those jotted-down plans HELPS, I think.

I have a list for family goals, work goals, and a notebook full of personal goals. I’ll be revisiting and taking stock of them from time to time during the upcoming year. I look forward to it!