A wonderful break and reminder

walk Kamloops winter nature bcbeautifulThis past weekend, between Sunday service at our place of worship, a run to the supermarket, picking up le Mari from the pool and reviewing four articles for my studies, le Petit and I put on our winter layers and took a quick walk, about 15 minutes from our home.

It was glorious. Why, oh why, haven’t we been doing this more, this winter? We trace this path a lot in the warmer months but recent snow, illness and priorities have kept us, have kept me, away from a pastime that I actually LOVE: walking around our city trails with le Petit.

Our impromptu Sunday walk was a strong reminder of how important it is to take breaks from the “daily grind” (and a grind it has been lately, between day shifts and night shifts, sickness, buses to catch, volunteer responsibilities, appointments, and books to review) and to lay down all media and distractions and just be, in place, in quiet.

I was also reminded that if we take more of these breathing breaks, then we are much less likely to feel that life is a grind and likelier to gain perspective and space regarding the things we deem important. It’s like this walk reset my current orientation on things. The word “refreshing” comes to mind.

We’ll definitely be doing this again soon.