A beginning hobbyist’s camera, at long last

Oh I am SO stoked. And yet so screwed.

Stoked because I got my first true beginner’s mirrorless micro 4/3 camera, the lauded Sony NEX-3N just recently, on sale from Costco, of all places. It’s not the best nor the latest of the NEX line (now dubbed Alpha, dropping the NEX moniker) – that belongs to the incredibly decked out Sony Alpha 7R. But for someone who has never had to work with F-stops and manual aperture and shutter controls before, this little gadget with its automatic AND some manual settings sounds like it will be just perfect.

Screwed because I made a promise to Le Mari that I wouldn’t engage all my interest/time/practice on this long-shelved desire UNTIL my graduate thesis is done, and I intend to keep this promise. But it’s hard, it’s really hard to restrain myself, as the little-but-powerful-image-capture device beckons.

In the meantime, here are two shots from my ONE day of practice and testing it out:

vsco mytru

NEX (1 of 1)-7Oh, I can’t wait to try my hand at snapping shots with something other than an iPhone.

If anyone in the community has tried out or currently shoots with the NEX-3N, I’d love to hear about your experience with this camera.