Oh, Rdio, Rdio, how do we love thee

A few weeks ago, we had a family outing to the cinema for the first time in years. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it. I was also enchanted by the 70s music vibes, a period whose music I almost never listen to. We got home from the theatre and I opened my music app, typed in a few words, and voila, we had the soundtrack playing in our living room in seconds.

In 2011, our family became a subscriber to streaming music. The selection of services in Canada for streaming music at the time was very limited, and we ended up joining Rdio. I’ve not regretted it at all, even with the $9.99 a month we’ve been paying for years.

Not only is it a company that keeps on improving its offerings to users every year, but it really does have one of the nicest designs among similar services and offers a very logical, clean user interface experience across all platforms (web, Android, iOS, Mac), since very early on. Three words: so – dang – gorgeous.


The best part, of course? It’s brought us hours and hours of soundtracks to our lives. Some of the specific occasions we turn Rdio on include:

  • while doing housework
  • expanding our repertoire of French singers and musicians
  • blocking out life noises in order to read and study
  • for occasions of just dancing (all ages!)
  • providing us with road trip tunes
  • keeping le Petit occupied during a 15-hour trip to Hawaii
  • setting the scene for dinner parties
  • providing emotional, angsty backdrop tracks for restless late nights
  • and lately, filling our house with groovy 70s tunes.