Never has a word more captured what and where I need to be, for the sake of sanity, of continuity, of getting to and through the next day.

It’s when you have all the best intentions and plans lined up neatly – academic benchmarks to achieve, exciting new photo projects and photo-walk planned, a research interview lined up, transitions in work – and WHAM! a totally unexpected event comes and blindsides you.

hospital Kamloops

An event like a wrenching, devastating fall that results in 5 broken ribs, an inability to breathe properly, a lack of mobility, and a general sense of helplessness and slight depression in the overwhelming defeat that comes with the pain and immobility.

Seriously – who does that? Well, I did last week, and consequently, majorly screwed up my immediate plans for 2015.

But, I realized last week that it doesn’t mean my plans are now dead in the water. It just required, still requires…rethinking, retooling, shuffling timelines around a bit (just a bit, please!) and accepting that things don’t always work out the way we want. Being FLEXIBLE as to goals and working with thank God, very good people, who can work with me and help me through those rescheduled timelines (and in some circumstances, graciously shifting their expected deadlines), and more importantly, keep me on track and accountable – this realization has kept me sane and optimistic that not all plans are lost in the face of sudden, in-your-face life events.

Things DON’T always work out according to the timelines we have in place, but if we can be flexible and accepting of changes to our schedule, and when we have people around us to work with and to accommodate and sometimes facilitate those changes, than things are still do-able.

I’m feeling kind of grateful here.