who’s Chris

As of 2013: 2017

By day I help develop and implement transnational programs for a small university in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

By night and for the rest of my life I get to spend time with my French-Canadian husband and our dah-ling son, and my mother and father who moved from Korea to Canada for the 2nd time in 2008, with whom we now share a house.

Later at night I read, study and travel the reaches of the internet. Since late 2011, a lot of that travel was in fanfic. My kryptonite ship is #puckleberry #thommy #stony #destiel.

After having left university in 1999, I became a student again, as in formal study, not as in, a-student-of-life, which we all are. In April 2017, I finished that Master of Arts through the University of Calgary’s Communication & Culture graduate program. Two words: it rocked, “it” meaning the program, the people, the creative exercise of researching and writing about mobile phone photography and place. Study and research-related thoughts and posts are on my “media studies” blog, originally hosted at Posterous, but since Posterous’ shutdown in spring 2013, moved to WordPress.

My interest in the web and technology was really jump-started when I switched from the PC to Mac in 2009. That transition also marked the shift from being a non-techie to someone who is now avidly interested in technology and living a life where tech and social media are an integrated part of every day.

Mostly, I’m making notes here about trying to live life (work-life, family-life, community-life) in a non-consumer-centric, non-material-centric fashion. Given our family’s love for technology, this is a challenge and an area of life that takes intentional effort and consideration

Also, I love photography but it was the iPhone that converted me into a fan of visual documentation. I’m on Instagram, Flickr, try to maintain a photo blog.

Your comments and conversations are most welcome, here, or at most places on the web, where I can be found as @cjazzlee.


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