Nick Gentry – social art from the obsolete

Sometimes you come across creative work that is so simple but still so innovative, and with a visual impact that strikes your gut.

Recently, I came across Nick Gentry, whose work includes these portraits that utilize old negatives, photographs and floppy disc drives.

It’s remix at its best.

Floppy disc reused

Nick Gentry | Social art from the obsolete.


Girl Walk // All Day Dance Party

Photo by Emily Gilbert

Today’s CreativeMornings talk by Jacob Krupnick was followed by a Girl Walk // All Day movie screening which turned into an impressive dance party. Who says you can’t have a dance party at 10am?

Girl Walk // All Day is a 71 minutes dance video / love letter to NYC. Watch it here.

I just discovered Girl Talk, the web sampling master musician this past fall, when fellow students in a graduate media studies seminar kept talking about him. The name was mentioned with reference to copyright, Rolande Barthes, and current music culture. Over the Christmas break, I downloaded the All Day track – and just loved it. It’s funny to be listening to something and then be, like, “Hey, that’s Belinda Carlisle,” (in rap/hip-hop track!), or “What? Isn’t that Peter Gabriel?”, for the entire album.

So this past week, I was absolutely learn about Girl Walk, a film about dance and NYC, set to the music of a single long-play All Day track.

If you like music, New York, creativity, and something different, you have to check out the film, which is available streaming on Vimeo. Just look at how these viewers were celebrating the film at 10am in the morning.

Explaining a Kindle to Charles Dickens



Here is a school project by Rachel Walsh, a student at Cardiff School of Art & Design. The assignment was to “explain something modern/internet based to someone who lived and died before 1900″.

She created a metaphor for the Kindle, in order to demonstrate the gadget to Charles Dickens.

The project caught my eye: it’s a mix of analog & digital, a remix work, and it’s about books. Throw in some historical analysis, interpretation and cultural commentary, and voila – what a fine piece of illustrative art AND food for thought.

More photos of this project and Ms. Walsh’s other work are available at her tumblr blog:

Re-framing my daily world

I mentioned earlier that I joined the digital revolution and got a smartphone. It’s been about 10 days and I’m still in honeymoon phase.

There is LOTS I am doing with my phone but the thing I am enjoying the most is experimenting with some Android camera apps that have allowed me to capture and reframe some visual perspectives and objects of the world around me.
It isn’t so much media consumption as creation.

The little smartphone has empowered humans to be do a lot more than ever imagined. This is a wonder of this technology.

Remixologist, job description please

This is an event going on at SFU, November 6 this year. It actually sounds terrific and I would go if I were in the Lower Mainland. What caught my eye about the event add, other than the pretty groovy poster design, were some new vocabulary words that made me stop mid-scan. At least, they were new words to me:

Join media innovators, technologists, artists, citizens and the online community at Fresh Media – a celebration of innovation and independent media, and a re-imagining of media and journalism.

About Fresh Media ReMixology:

ReMixology is a new series presented by Fresh Media, where we come together to sample and share ideas in discussions lead by some of Vancouver’s best and brightest media remixologists

Inspired by the growing energy around the ways in which technology, art, media, and participatory frameworks are spurring innovation in the not-for-profit, journalism, and social change communities, Re-Mixology is a great opportunity for citizens and media-makers to come together and connect over timely discussions and presentations that showcase fresh and imaginative examples of media innovation.

I love where it says “by some of Vancouver’s best and brightest media remixologists.”

WTF is a remixologist?

Re-imagining self at the office

Some very cool minutes killed at lunch today, with a soundtrack of Hands of Time by Groove Armada in the background. Sweet.

Most of these first 40 or so posts have been brought over from a tumblr blog where I just collected bits and pieces until I noticed that the bits had a lot of common themes: 

  • remix
  • frames
  • identities
  • images
  • cultural commentary.

This site will be devoted to explorations on identity, culture and digital media.